Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications (or RIAs) are often called the nextgen of web application development. The appearance of RIAs marked the latest advancement in internet technology enabling web based applications to act more like desktop applications. Rich Internet Applications combine the best user interface functionality of desktop applications with web application features. They’re faster, easier to use and don’t require constant page submits associated with web based applications.

RichBrains is focused on providing comprehensive RIA development services. The combination of in-depth knowledge of technology and commitment to clients’ success gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to developing robust RIA solutions. We have excessive experience in building rich internet applications with perfect functionality, interactive features and client-oriented interface.

Our RIA development skills include:
  • Adobe Flex
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe AIR
  • AJAX Development
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • BlazeDS
  • LiveCycle
  • Java
  • Web Services
  • MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL
RIA can deliver substantial benefits to your business:
  • RIAs are powerful, fast and easy to use
  • RIAs provide your company with consistent and innovative solutions aimed at serving your unique business requirements
  • RIAs simplify complicated processes, operate considerably faster than traditional Web applications, thus speeding customers online interaction with the website
  • RIAs deliver unique interactive experience to the users not distracting them from the initial objective

By combining our expertise in programming, animation and design of RIAs we assist organizations in creating engaging and interactive applications which create a memorable experience for the audience.

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